Training Services of DRBCM Associates Pte Ltd

At DRBCM Associates Pte Ltd, we believe that all staff members who are required to participate in the establishment, implementation, exercising, maintenance, review and improving of the business continuity management system of the organization should undergo some form of formal BCM training. These training could be obtained through attendance at public-run courses or privately organised in-house courses that had been tailored to address certain needs of the organization.

Attendance at public-run courses would afford the attendee a diverse outlook to the implementation of the BCM System as he / she would be able to share experiences with other attendees in the same class. As an instructor, I found it highly beneficial whenever participants were willing to share challenges encountered during implementation and how they had managed to work around these challenges.

On the other end of the spectrum, an organization that opt for an in-house run course would benefit from targetted examples and they would be able to discuss organization specific issues and seek answers from a business continuity management perspective.

In-house training courses vary according to the needs of the organization concerned and examples of courses offered in the past were

  1. BCM implementation
  2. Pandemic response
  3. Crisis management
  4. Crisis communications planner


In addition, we had been involved with The Association of Banks in Singapore in the delivery of courses covering specific business continuity management related subjects.  Since 2006, our organization had taught courses for two main organisers

  • The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) – from 2006 onwards &
  • The Institute Banks, Banks Malaysia (IBBM) – between 2007 and 2008

Over the years more than a thousand participants, representing more than eighty financial service industry organizations, had availed themselves to the courses offered. The courses do get updated to reflect the changing needs of the financial services industry and the feedback received from past participants.

Should you require any form of training in the business continuity management area, please drop us an email and we are more than discuss your corporate requirements and offer you the appropriate syllabus.

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