At DRBCM Associates Pte Ltd, we believe that one can never exhaust learning new things even as one progressed in life and move up the corporate ladder. To be an effective business resilience practitioner, self and professional development is part and parcel of growing with and into the job. As the saying goes, “the business resilience professional ages like wine – the older he is (in the profession), the better he gets”.

Courses From ICOR University

The ICOR University provides courses that fall into two categories – certificate courses and certification courses.

A certificate course is one where a participant who has attended the course will receive a certificate of completion and the number of education hours can be used towards certification in that specified discipline and these are generally either two-day or three-day courses (either instructor-led or e-learning).

On the other hand a certification course is usually of a longer duration (four-day or five-day) and participants who had completed the course, sat for an examination and who had passed the examination, will be conferred a credential which the participant can then use as part of his/her professional certification.

For more details about the certification program as well as the university resilience framework, please visit their website using this link

Listed here are the brochures for three courses which we at DRBCM Associates Pte Ltd, working with ICOR’s training partners around the world, are delighted to be the trainer/instructor of.


At a glance, here are the course dates in 2017 and the city where the courses will be offered in:-

Course           City                  Dates                                Registration Contact         

BCM 5000      Singapore          Apr 16-20, 2018

CMC 2050      Abu Dhabi         TBD                   

CMC 2050      Muscat, Oman   TBD                  

CMC 2050      Manila                Sep 25-26, 2017


Courses Through The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS)

Since 2006, we have been involved with the ABS in their BCM Training Program for financial services industry organizations that have offices here in Singapore. The courses offered under this Program comes with an attractive training subsidy from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (AS) through the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF). Under the Program, participants can sign up for the various modules (total of five) for which DRBCM Associates Pte Ltd is responsible to deliver two

Here you will find more information about courses on offer from DRBCM Associates Pte Ltd.