About Us – DRBCM Associates

about us - Singapore City

The company, registered on July 19, 2006 with the Singapore ACRA with company registration number 200610537E, was formed with the dual objectives of providing training in business continuity (BCM),  crisis management (CM) related subjects and business resilience management.

As our dedication to the industry, the company adopted two corporate philosophies.

Our Corporate Philosophy

  • Corporate Philosophy One
    Our trainers and consultants are experienced practitioners and are highly qualified to discharge the full range of services. Each trainer and/or consultant who becomes part of the pool of available resource would have to prove his/her professionalism and would have been a practitioner with a minimum experience of five years as a certified professional in a large organization.
  • Corporate Philosophy Two
    Our corporate philosophy is to train the internal BCM Coordinator(s)/Partner(s) in the organization(s) by working alongside these internal staff(s) in all our consultancy projects. This will afford our clients a first-level response to all and sundry incidents/ events thus ensuring its promptness to mitigate/response to the events; hence the inclusion of the word “ Associates ” in our name.

Our Training Services 

DRBCM Associates Pte Ltd provides training in

  • General BCM subjects
  • Customized areas based on individual corporate / organizational requirements

Our Consultancy Services

In our company, we believe that an organization, in order to have a sound business continuity management programme, should have the following five ‘keys’: –

IT Disaster Recovery Plans – the IT Infrastructure team would invoke these plans to restore IT services to the organization should there be an incident in the data centre

Business Recovery Plans – the business and support departments would activate these plans should there be an incident involving the production building

Crisis Response Plans – these plans are tailored for the senior management/ crisis management teams to respond to any incident impacting the company. These plans would typically include the emergency response procedures and crisis communications plans

Pandemic Response Plans – these are specific plans drawn up for the company to respond to any infectious disease outbreaks caused by airborne viruses and that could lead on to a pandemic scale

Operations Contingency Plans – at times the organization may encounter situations that may not satisfy the criteria for declaration of a disaster and hence would require it to operate on a contingency mode with work-around plans; e.g. in haze-shrouded environment or during an outbreak of air-borne viral infection.

The thumb-drive in the logo signifies that these plans can be easily stored and accessed quickly since they would then become highly portable.